Sustainable Solutions
Sustainable Solutions

The people of East Africa need more than food and water alone — they need opportunity. African Start is providing local entrepreneurs the chance to create new businesses to develop a healthy economy in East Africa.


Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa and includes the islands of Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia.

Tanzania’s population includes around 120 different African tribal groups. Today, about 90 percent of Tanzanians live in the rural areas and live off what they can grow on the land. In more recent years, however, people have started to migrate from the countryside to developing towns and cities.

Empowering Youth Through Entrepreneurship Seminars

Agricultural Seminar
During this seminar we will be hosting a locally established farm owner who will share how they started small with a vision of becoming a successful farmer. We'll cover how to obtain funds, practical ways of setting up a farm, and much more!
Technology Seminar
From Hackathons, app development, featured entrepreneurial speakers, and more, our technology seminar will provide entrepreneurs with the skills to build a successful startup, understanding funding options, and more! Featuring Edwin Bruno, CEP of Smart Code.
Farmland Investments
African Start's most exciting venture has come from purchasing 20 acres of fertile farmland in Bagamoyo, Tanzania, we hope to allow for young entrepreneurs to learn farming skills and scale their farming business, increasing the amount of land they own. Simultaneously they will pass knowledge and skills onto new entrepreneurs for continued expansion of the land allowing for greater community and economic resources.