Resources for Entrepreneurs

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business planning

Not quite sure where to get started with your business idea? Here are a few resource links to help support your startup! Whether you’re looking for opportunities, making sales, or learning how to build a system, these resources will help you kick start your business idea.

website building
business planning

An essential part of your business is a website where you can showcase your products and services. It’s also a great way to share your mission, more about your brand, and how someone can do business with you. Here are a few resources that allow you to easily build your website without writing a single line of code!

creating mobile apps

These days, over 65% of people view and interact with businesses on their mobile devices! Does your business support a mobile app? If so, you may want to consider creating a mobile app as another resource that allows someone to do business with you. Here are some helpful app creators:

other resources

From creating a marketing plan to finding the perfect career for you, we’re sharing some additional resources you’ll find helpful in developing your business plan. Need access to the internet? is on a mission to overcome issues with accessibility, affordability, and awareness — in hopes that one day, everyone will be connected. Learn where you can find access to’s services.